November 28, 2011

Exactly What United Are Missing From Cleverley's Absence

The majority of Manchester United fans think that Tom Cleverley is exactly what the midfield is missing, but while their thinking is correct, their reasoning isn't.

Cleverley helps raise the game of teammates
The young attack-minded midfielder is mistakenly seen as the creative midfielder that those fans crave, but what he does is offers a couples of things to the team that other Reds aren't able to - motivation and inspiration - the "it" factor.

Not since the departure of Roy Keane has the United midfield had a player who could inspire the team to a victory - and that's what Cleverley does and can do.

There's no disputing that our midfield and speed of play dramatically improves when he's in the team, but it's because of the intangibles that he brings rather than his growing talents.

The 22-year old, like many other youngsters, buzzes around the field without care and with loads of enthusiasm, and that type of energy is infectious to his teammates. That type of positive euphoria spreads through to the fans and it helps them overlook his shortcomings.

Most United fans will disagree with this - and probably stop reading here - but, to be completely honest, he's doesn't win many tackles and his touch is some times a bit heavy. Listen, that's not a slate to him or his game, because adds so much more - which can only be described as a calming influence.

With his energy and desire to win, Cleverley more than makes up for any flaw - and it trickles into the minds of the other players, with two players in particular.

There is no doubt that he made Anderson look as though he was a world beater. Because, without Cleverley by his side, the Brazilian, who is out for the next couple of months with a knee injury, has been anything but.

Cleverley's presence also allows others to do what they are paid to do more freely, most notable Wayne Rooney. The United center forward has only scored from open play once since he's been out injured, mainly because he's been the man to fill his void in a much deeper role.

Hopefully the Manchester United medical staff to whatever it takes to correct Tom Cleverley ankle problem once and for all, because he could be the January signing the club desperately needs.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more with this article, have made these points many a time with mates who just can't see his drive and influence. His injury record is really starting to worry me though

Anonymous said...

You say his touch is sometimes heavy - that shows you lack knowledge, as his touch is always fantastic and one of the main assets in his game, and its much better than every other player at the club bar Berbatov.

The rest of what you say is fair enough as its just your opinion and nothing more, but I had to point out that statement because its false.

Anonymous said...

He is a kinda player that ginger d motive of other players. Unlike young.... Man u really need a creative mid fielder like sneidjer

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