November 27, 2011

Why Is Ferguson So Hesitant Over Playing Pogba?

Sir Alex Ferguson has stated, "There will be a complete change," to his Manchester United starting XI that will face Crystal Palace in the Carling Cup, but he was hesitant over the inclusion of Paul Pogba.

Pogba is waiting for his chance, but how long?
This competition allows the Gaffer a chance to play young players, which will see a whole host of youngsters, similar to the ones that have played in the previous two victories, who need games play against the nPower Championship side.

With his center of the midfield options desperately thin at the moment with long-term injuries to Tom Cleverley and Anderson, there has to be a real reason why Pogba isn't the first one on this team sheet.

Ahead of the match with Palace, the Reds manager said "The only area where I've got problems is centre midfield. It's possible I could play Pogba in there but we'll wait and see."

There have been loads of rumors swirling that the young midfielder has stalled on signing a new, long-term contract. If this is true, then Pogba could, theoretically, be looking for a new club at the start of January transfer window, and, subsequently, leave on a free transfer in the summer. This seems as the only possible reason as to why the tall, powerful midfielder hasn't been given a start this season.

Back in August, Ferguson was quoted saying, "I mean if we hold Pogba back, what’s going to happen? He’s going to leave. So we have to give him the opportunity to see how he can do in the first-team and he’s got great ability, plus he’s got the physique and athleticism."

But that is totally not what has happened - or looks to happen.

It's good that Sir Alex Ferguson is keeping this situation involving Paul Pogba under wraps, because if anyone knows how to handle young players and difficult situations, it is him.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately in your quote you left out " he's going to leave in a COUPLE of years" I can't understand why everyone chooses to ignore this piece of info, for me that clearly says he has two years left on his contract. For me I highly doubt fergie wud allow a player they went to so much trouble to sign, a player who has been immense for the reserves, and a player who could possibly turn into the midfielder fergie tried so hard to sign, viera, to only sign a two year contract and allow it to come to this point. The daily mail or mirror ran thus story two weeks ago and there is no evidence that his contract is up next summer, noone has come out with this, yet again a SOURCE has provided them with this info.Personally I wouldn't pay the slightest bit if attention to it.

Back on ur original point, yes I agree that he should see some more pitch time, however he is still behind fletch, carrick, park, giggs ando and cleverly. Next year i reckon fergie plans on intregrating him into that team, hopefully anyway

Anonymous said...

with all due respects anon, that is bollocks, Fergie stated that one of the reasons he didnt sign a midfielder in the summer was to give Pogba and Morrison game time this year. Neither have had much of a sniff and we are down to the bare bones in midfield, my opinion is chuck them in if they swim great if they sink get the cheque book out before its too late.

**************** said...

If and it's a mighty big if, Pogba was ready for the Premiership you can bet your life that Fergie would have included him before now, like he has with Cleverley, we saw Pogba briefly against Aldershot, yes a cameo appearance, in which he ran around like a headless chicken.
He is not yet ready for the first team, a great academy player he may be, but that does not make him a Premiership player.

Anonymous said...

I agree that he isn't ready yet for the big teams in the Prem. But to have Darron Gibson on the bench instead is a joke. He was all for leaving in the summer. We need a new centre midfielder and we need a bit of a clear out. Out with the old and in with the young and new.

Anonymous said...

If he good enough Ferguson would have him in the team. He obviously isn't ready or good enough.

Anonymous said...

Remember Possebon, he did really well when he was given opportunities. But Pogatetz fucked him up and he was never the same player with the same confidence after his injury.. Maybe this is why Fergie is playing it cautious now with kids, to protect them and not over burden them at a young age..

if Pogba is this damn good, then expect him to play a good few league games, but not much more.. We don't need to over-pressure the boy and put him in pressurised matches where the big bully players will do him harm.. Safety first approach is probably the most sensible..

Anonymous said...

pogba signed for united in 2009 when he was only 17, as a 17 year old he his only legally allowed to sign a 3 year contract which means he will be out of contract 2012

Julian said...

Don't forget Morrison is an even bigger talent in the making than Pogba. Why aren't we seeing him feature more too ?

Anonymous said...

I really wish Pogba was getting games. It will be a real poor show if this talented young guy slips through our fingers

Anonymous said...

we need both Pogba and Morrison they should be included in the team for them to be ready by next year otherwise Man utd will suffer a lot , those players can ease the pressure on first teams players

Anonymous said...

i'm eager to see pogba play in the first team for EPL matches... he seems like paul scholes style... i want to see him playing.. hopefully that sir Alex will allow him to play in the first team and we'll see how he handle centre midfielder role... similar to macheda... he's having tough competition since the strikers of united are already superb..

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