December 17, 2011

If Macheda Moves, Does Ferguson Buy?

Federico Macheda's agent has recently spoke out about his player moving away from Manchester United in January, so does that mean Sir Alex Ferguson will spend to replace him?

Is Kiko leaving OT for good?
Giovanni Bia said that Kiko needs more playing time if he is ever going to realize the potential that the football world witnessed when he burst on the scene three years ago as a budding 17-year old prospect.

Right now with the current injury problem facing United, Macheda is the third striking option for Ferguson, so can he afford to let him go right now if he doesn’t have a replacement in mind?

Macheda's agent said, "I spoke last week with Ferguson, I think that Federico will play somewhere else in January. He can no longer continue to be on the field for only 15 or 20 minutes, he must absolutely find more space."

He added that there are some teams interested in signing the 20-year old, "There are requests, but not from Italy. In the first week of January we will evaluate the proposals that we've received."

In life timing is everything - and it's hard to determine whether Ferguson should allow Macheda to leave on loan or not. If he does go, the Gaffer needs to bring in a proven goal scorer to help with the burden of getting goals. If you don't score, you have no chance of winning.

Michael Owen, Dimitar Berbatov and Javier Hernandez are all on the treatment table at Old Trafford, and there's no relief to any of them coming back into the team before the January transfer window opens. On top of that, Wayne Rooney hasn't been firing on all cylinders, and scored his first goals from open play since September in the 4-1 win over Wolverhampton, and Danny Welbeck is only coming back from his own injury.

Every United fan saw Macheda has the potential to play at the top level, as he scored back-to-back winners in his debut season, but he hasn't featured consistently since. Players, especially forwards, cannot be expected to be out of action for a month, and then come straight into the team and score two or three goals. It just doesn't happen. These players, especially younger ones thrive on confidence given to them by being involved in important games for the club - and Macheda hasn't had that.

That said, has Kiko done anything in the matches he has been involved in to get that reward? The answer would have to be a resounding no.

However, Macheda would benefit tremendously by going to another top level English club and getting valuable minutes under his belt. One just has to look no further than Thomas Cleverley and Welbeck to see how true that is.

Macheda getting loan experience should benefit him as a player and the club long-term but, if Ferguson does go and buy another striker, it could signal the end of his career at the club.

On Twitter, United fans are suggesting some of those most ridiculous things, including buying Fernando Torres from Chelsea for £20m, a £30m loss for that club in just 12 month's time. That's an unrealistic transfer and there aren't too many strikers - if any - available who could come to United and make an immediate impact.

Federico Macheda needs to find regular first team football, no question, but if he is allowed to do so, then Sir Alex Ferguson must buy a forward for Manchester United.


Anonymous said...

Jordan Rhodes from Huddersfield? We've watched him this season already. Boy knows where the net is and he's only 17/18 odd. said...

Why do we need to buy, to replace a reserve player? We have Rooney, Welbeck, Hernandez, Berbatov, Owen. Five strikers is enough on the books surely.

Jack said...

We have another five strikers on the books, why would we need to buy to replace a reserve ?

Money would be better spent investing in our ever depleting midfield.

jack is admin @

Jack said...

We have five more strikers why buy

jack is admin @ www,

Anonymous said...

Buying is not needed for a striker but kiko needs more than plying time he is not very creative and he is not a worker prodding even less than Berra . In another team I still doubt the improvement he just left Italy where he had chances . Bim .

berba said... this story at least a week ago... Agent said Kiko is moving away in Jan needs to get more than a few minutes....he is not going back to Italian lge....lets be real,....we need a creative CM & a left full back

Anonymous said...

kiko unfortunatley has one of the worst first touches ive seen from any of the united forwards and thats why i suppose ferguson likes him to play wide this season. he would get some good experience on loan but he's been loaned out quite a lot and hasnt come back better. kiko and diouf need to be sold and bring in an impact forward who is in the mold of drogba bc we need a powerful, in your face, wins headers guy up front. kevin davis comes to mind but he is old, but something like him.

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