December 2, 2011

The Newest Scapegoat At Manchester United

After Manchester United's 2-1 loss to Crystal Palace, all of the part-timing fans have flexed their Twitter muscles by listing players who don't belong at the club - and it's getting old quick.

Macheda struggled to impress against Palace
Without hesitation, these simpletons listed Federico Macheda as public enemy No. 1, as he joined the likes of Darron Gibson and Jonny Evans, as another young player who isn't fit to wear the famous Red shirt.

The facts that nobody cares to consider is that some of these players play once every month - with a couple of them making their first appearance of the season, which just gives those certain fans a reason to complain.

There is not one player that can honestly say that they played well against Palace, so there's no reason other than pure stupidity and hatred that someone blames one player for that loss. Macheda didn't play well, but neither did the 10 others, which is certainly disappointing, but the type of backlash that they are getting is something that shouldn't be accepted by the rest of the supporters.

Critiquing a players performance isn't ever a bad thing, because it enables them to know what went wrong and what they could do the next time. But when someone criticizes them by calling them useless or the club should sell them with no factual basis is just damning their mindless argument and reputation as a fan of the club.

What people don't take into effect is that players are human beings with a gift of being able to play the sport we all love at a higher level. Macheda for example came to the forefront at just 17-years old and won United the title with his last minute winner, but now, three years on, he's consider as a flop who never will fulfill his potential.

Ask yourself this, has Macheda ever done or said anything wrong during his time at United? Absolutely not, if anything he's more appreciative of being a player at this club - and he said that, himself, after his failed loan spell back to Italy last season.

People fail to realize that players, especially young players, don't tend to act the way he does. He didn't have to, but Kiko stood up to him not playing well and said sorry the fans. His tweet read, "I feel bad for all our fans! That wasn't a man u performance! Sorry lads! I understand your pain!!!"

The fact of the matter is, the majority of Manchester United supporters would love it if those in the minority who constantly criticized our players would go and support another club - if that's you - you know what to do!


Anonymous said...

I like the comments however his play didn't merit being there it looks as if he doesn't have the support of first team players he cannot shine meaning macheda it was woeful. There was a ball he tried shooting that just needed a touch across the face of goal he played enough 1st team football so experience should have been a part of his game. He was unable to penetrate all match. It is also a false statement that the other 10 played badly . Chris Smalling had an outstanding game no one really even got close to penetrating on his watch! The 1st goal was magical and the 2nd was offside and poor covering by Evans and a poor goalkeeping decision not to come to the ball. Darren Gibson usually is not my cup of tea but to my mind had a good game for the most part and if united took 5 shots 3 were his trying.

Anonymous said...

Smalling played extremely well

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above posters comments - but not with the article per se. All United fans have a right to comment on what they feel on certain players continual lack of performance. Yes Macheda may have got a wonder goal, but one swallow does not make a summer. His 1st touch is non existent, and Ravel Morrison gave Macheda several good chances with thru balls and he scorned them. One in particular - clean thru one on one with GK and all he had to do was slip it into the net - but no from 6 yards out he put it 6 yards past the post. He failed in Italy and was called by the manager there for his lack of attitude. So I have no sympathy for him. I do agree with the writer that several players had bad performances, but not all of them - Smalling, the Da Silvas before they had to go off with injury, Gibson, Fryers, Morrison, and Evans were very good and played their hearts out. Evans really tried and was distraught that United were beaten. I though Park was a bit hit and miss, but he was being fouled continually by giant MF players of Palace and never got any calls from the ref! I think fans who were at the game and suffered rubbish performances of some players who clearly are not good enough for Man Utd - should be able to say how they feel - END OF. Even the great Sir Ferg himself apologised to the fans for United's bad performance - so why shouldn't the fans. Bet you are no saint yourself from the terraces mate!

Anonymous said...

We have very high standards at Man Utd and some players who played on Wednesday night didn't play to those standards. Gibson, Macheda and Diouf have all had enough first team experience, wether at Utd or on loan and have not been good enough. We have some outstanding youth at the club and these players are stopping their development. Simply put they are not good enough for our club. No one would have said anything about the defeat if Morrison, Pogba, Cole etc had started instead. After watching these most of last season I would like to see them develop at the expense of the fringe players. Utd have always given youth a chance under Fergie. Some of the last generation have had there's it's time to move them on.
Ps Smalling was outstanding on Wednesday night

Anonymous said...

Apparently there is no room for disagreement with the author, if you aren't keen on the authors cause celebs your opinion just doesn't matter. Shameful. Exactly why people call United fans arrogant!

You are not the arbiter of all things United.

Fergie apologizes and yet what exactly is you point? Instead of getting rid of players that habitually under-perform we should get rid of the supporters who criticize them? Apparently, not a fan of logic, are you?

Anonymous said...

All what you put up there is bollocks. This manchester united. . Either you like it or not we will criticise underperforming player and mostly "not united class player" Gibson, Diouf, kiko, carrick, park, berba e.t.c should go. And Giggs should retire honourably lest he is disgraced out of United. Gary and Paul are better men cuz they were brave enough to admit their time is up. . . .

Anonymous said...

united is a big club and they dont settle for sub par players do u think that they would reach champs final come on we pay money to c these players n we can critize them when they under perform

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