December 20, 2011

Why Michael Carrick Is The Best Player At United Now

Since he came back from his injury at the beginning of November, Michael Carrick has been, without question, the most consistent player for Manchester United - and results prove that.

Carrick has been the run away winner
Amazingly, the Reds midfielder has not tasted defeat this year, as he wasn't available - injury, rest or suspension - in the club's three losses in the 2011/12 season.

Carrick, who scored his first goal since February 2010 in the 2-0 win over Queens Park Rangers, is for some reason or another, one of the most under-appreciated players at United - and it's completely baffling.

Fans see him as a scapegoat for everything that goes wrong, because they think that he isn't of the so-called "United Standard," which is one of the most absurd terms in football. There's no standard for United players, because if they weren't good enough, they wouldn't be playing.

Carrick has done something that only a select few midfielders can do - convert from an attack-minded player to be a holding one. Why did he do this? Simply because he is one of the most unselfish team players at United. You never read about Carrick complaining about a contract, lack of playing time or in the tabloids for doing something unethical or childish.

Carrick gets on with the job and you can trust him to be consistent. Yes, he's not always one of the best players on the field, but that's not what he's there to be. He's there to fill the holes with his movement and break up the play with his fantastic awareness. People often bang on about him passing sideways or backwards, but it keeps the possession and that changes the angle of the attack - which will - and does - help the club. In his position, you don't need people gambling with the ball, because that will put the team up against it even more than they are.

His defending and movement off the ball is probably the most underrated aspect of his game. Fans always watch the ball and never watch after the ball leaves or what players are doing off it. If they did, they would appreciate Carrick. He's constantly making himself as an outlet for a teammate.

Fans will criticize that he's not the player he was at Tottenham or when he first arrived at United, but that's because he changed his position to help the club out in a time of need - and has been successful doing so. People base success of a player on statistics, but that's one of the most foolish things anyone could do, because the intangibles will never show up on a stat sheet. An interception is just as valuable as an assist or a goal, because it stops the other team's momentum and progress.

Michael Carrick's career at Manchester United can be best associated with a fine aged-wine - some people don't appreciate it and it leaves a bitterness in their mouth, meanwhile the others see it as liquid gold.


Mario Balotelli said...

Yeah.....he's still shit

Anonymous said...

to "Mario Balotelli" fuck off you sod, actually start watching football. People out there who admires Barca's tiki taka football then Carrick is one of the few players that would actually help us keep possession even though we can never keep the ball as well as Barca :P
"he's still shit" quoted by Super Mario, YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS MY FRIEND! Michael Carrick is pretty much our "Sergio Busquets" except Carrick never dives and attempts to win the Oscar.
At the moment, Carrick's doing well with Jones. When Cleverley's back then that's when we'll see the best of our team. No disrespects to Jones, he's extremely talented but still not most reliable to keep possesion.

Mikel said...

You guys have got to read this brilliant Utd-related article >>

Anonymous said...

Carrick is not the best player and he is not on the short list either but he is making a very good run and his confidence is back. I hope he comes through injury free. He deserves a lot of credit . Bim .

Anonymous said...

Still can't forget how he gave away the ball to city in the fa cup semi last season which allowed them to score..

Anonymous said...

he is shit

Anonymous said...

he is shit

Anonymous said...

Carrick is pure class, anyone who has played football and understands the game will appreciate how good he really is.

Anonymous said...

he is the man who brought stability to manutd . if you recall since arriving at old trafford he has helped manu to win 4 premier league titles , 1 champions league , 3 carling cups, 4 community shields and 1 club world cup thats 13 in total and he has 260 appearances for united since then which is 2nd highest by a united player after carrick had joined us(only wayne rooney has featured more than him).this clearly shows the reason behind united's success has always been this unsung legend.

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