September 6, 2012

Should Berbatov have made his feelings public?

After finally securing a move to get first-team football at Fulham, Dimitar Berbatov has spoken out about his feelings of being mistreated during his final seasons at Manchester United.

Ferguson mulled over Berbatov situation
Truth be told, there comes a time when a relationship must come to an end, and as the lyrics from "Breakeven" by the Script go, "When a heart breaks no it don't breakeven even!" which tells the real story behind Berbatov's words.

There's no question that Berbatov loved Manchester United, and saw Old Trafford as the mecca of his footballing career, but, unfortunately, he has let his pride cloud his judgement - and that has put a gray cloud over his entire career at the club.

To be honest, there aren't too many supporters who loved Berbatov more than I did, but I think his comments about being disrespected by Sir Alex Ferguson were well out of order and hypocritical. I know that comment is going to ruffle a lot of other fan's feathers, but know that this in no way sticking up for the Gaffer, but we need to have a couple of moments of truth about this situation with Berbatov.

Let's be completely honest right now, the majority of people, myself included, have taken an EXTRA liking to Berba for his cool, classy attitude. That includes always speaking of Manchester United, the fans and Sir Alex Ferguson in the highest regard. But, if you think about it, this unfortunate interview has completely undone all of that. If anything, he has completely contradicted himself about remaining respectful and wanting to just play for United. Yes, you can feel sorry for Berbatov all you want, but everyone with an unbiased watchful eye saw that  he and Wayne Rooney could not form an understanding, which ultimately led to his demise. Oddly enough, that also led to him gaining more popularity, not because of the skill he possessed on the field, but that he isn't like Rooney, as a person.

For the most part, his performances were less than desired since his big money move to United in 2008. If anyone thinks one moment that Ferguson didn't want this to work, you are completely having a laugh on yourself! If anything, the 30million that HE wanted to pay Tottenham, or the fact that he drove to the airport to pick Berba up should be all the proof for you would need.

The idea that Berbatov wanted to sign a lifelong contract with United is almost laughable. He's 31 and his best years are more than likely behind him. He has lost at least a yard pace in the last couple of years, and, that alone, makes him not fit our new, energetic style. This is not a slate to Berba, but a realistic outlook on the highs and lows of being a professional footballer. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't - stuff happens!

A manager is paid to make hard decisions, which they will either live or die by. Like it or not, this was the right decision by Ferguson. Alright, say we kept Berbatov - would he play ahead of Danny Welbeck, Javier Hernandez, let alone Rooney or Robin van Persie? Come on, be serious!

Something that Sir Alex said about Berbatov has been pushed under the rug, and it should be noted by everyone thinking that he is innocent and deserved more time on the field. After Berbatov left, Ferguson made an off-the-cuff comment that he only scored for United at Old Trafford. Well, he was pretty much dead on. Over the last two seasons, including on his way to becoming the Premier League's Golden Boot winner, Berba only scored five his 29 goals away from Old Trafford. Those goals were against Fulham, Everton, two against Blackpool and the last came against Aldershot Town. For a center forward at United, that's not good enough.

Deep down, I really wish Dimitar Berbatov kept these thoughts of mistreatment to himself, and wrote Sir Alex Ferguson the letter instead of coming out in the press with them.


Anonymous said...

Are You loughing at Liverpool fans? Start counting ....

Anonymous said...

In a word no . He has stated he makes no apologies to the Italian clubs he let down for Fulham . In his words the decisions he made were in his and his families interest ! Why would he expect our manager to do any less on behalf of MUFC ? it wasnt as if he was poorly paid or treated like a tied farm worker .
Loved the Berb as a footballer and human being .But, he will come to regret this comment . I for one want to welcome him back to OT in one of the cup games . Just to say thank you .

Anonymous said...

You might want to read the full interview and look for proper translation before you start believing he really did "disrespect" Sir Alex

Anonymous said...


scorpioblog said...

It has since become clear that he was badly mistranslated on that statement. He just said that everything was so hurried that he didn't get time to say his goodbyes.
If anything, please update this post to take this fact into account.
He was, is and will remain one of the mystical magicians in the theatre of dreams.

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